How to Handle Marketing for CPAs


Building a new accounting or bookkeeping firm or growing an already existing brand is much difficult than it sounds. This is true especially when your time is precious and the best way to find clients is using strategies that are proactive. The first thing that you need to do is mix new channels and old rules to find new clients. This is because marketing is changing pretty fast and the potential clients are found in more places than one can possibly imagine. There are some channels and techniques that may have worked in the past but do not currently. This is the reason why you should first think carefully about the best way to remain focused.

Identifying your target clients is one of the things that you need to do because not all clients are the same. You should figure out the factors according to you that make the best customers so that you have an idea what an ideal customer looks like to you. Usually, there are trade-offs involved and you should make sure that you put what is most important to you ahead to achieve your cpa marketing goals. It is important to always prepare for the less profitable clients when you are building your brand. If you have a specialty, you could even charge a premium for it.

If possible, you could partner with other professionals that are qualified and trusted. It is possible for your clients to use other firms for the services that you do not have on offer and this is why you should ensure that you refer them to your partners. This will improve your business alliances and in the long-run your reputation. However, it is important that you do not have any direct competition. For more facts and information regarding CPA marketing, you can go to

Asking for referrals is never a bad decision. It is worth noting that your clients do not exist in an exclusive relationship with you as they interact with other businesses all the time. If they recommend you, know that you are adding value to your reputation. Ask the clients, the ones you value the most, to spread the good word. Use the professional networking services so that you get the endorsements and recommendations. Ensure that you include testimonials in the website and offer structured referral rewards programs for your clients. The existing clients could also enjoy defined discounts as well as benefits especially if they refer someone else to the company. Click here for cpa business development training!


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